Saturday, January 28, 2012

ACTA - 26.01.2012 - Black Thursday

26.01.2012 - Black Thursday

I've decided to call the date 26.01.2011 as Black Thursday in Poland. People is ashamed of the government and many protest actions took place all over the country.

Below I present some pictures, so you People could imagine what's going on here.

Free Internet
[Freedom died yong 1989-2012 | Are you deaf? We do not want ACTA]
R.I.P Internet
[ACTA sucks]

After Wikipedia: "Polish members of parliament hold up Guy Fawkes masks in protest of the treaty. Note that the bottom right mask features a teardrop and one individual gestures with the V sign which, in Poland, is commonly associated with the Solidarity movement's historical protests where demonstrators used it to express that they would have victory against the ruling party. It eventually became epitomized by Tadeusz Mazowiecki, who symbolically used the gesture after winning the country's first partially free elections since the induction of Soviet hegemonic rule."

Friday, January 20, 2012



Guys, there is a serious problem with coverments of our nations. They want to crush our asylum and control the Internet, which is obviosly wrong. The government now will be able to control what we send and receive from the Internet and if there are some problems like encrypted connection, then they are able to ask Internet Providers and server's administrators to check what are we doing with data.

Some sites like Megaupload were closed, the founders were charged with serious accusations. Now even your credit cards transactions won't be safe, because anybody with some elevated privileges will be able to check what are you doing in the Internet!

What can we do?

Protest - use your brain and support!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Valve apple android origin EA half-life assassin


After some time of inactivity I've decided to get back into business.

I had not so much free time, because of graduation on the University, I've found first full-time job, I've moved to another city, I've bought a car. I don't remember what else I've been doin'.

Now about the title. I've gathered all the crappy stuff that is/was going through the time.

Valve is messing with us about half life 3.
EA's origin is banning people (so, ther valve's steam is much better)
Apple has lost Steve Jobs, but iphones didn't disappear
Android is still into business (now in your TV and cameras!;))
Assassin's Creed isn't any better.