Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lost my Kensington lock key

Crap! I've lost my only Kensington key and now I am stuck with my laptop attached to the desk. I've seen some videos about opening it with... toilet paper, but it didn't work for me.

Of course I can cut the link itself but I don't additional metal stuff attached forever to my notebook. Any ideas? Please help!


I've decided to post my solution from here, so it's easier to see what I have done to unlock this thing.

Opening Kensington lock PART II
Opening Kensington lock PART III


  1. lol nice /followed

  2. Bummer, try finding the key.

  3. @Flames: the key is lost
    @kitari: I am nearly of opening it in such way :P

  4. ummmmm toilet paper? I'm not so sure hahaha

  5. Guy in 2600 T-Shirt couldn't be wrong :P

    I am trying hard, but it's not so simple. The cardboard is dislayering. I think that it's possible since the trick is to put something, press the pins and turn the lock - .

  6. find the key or call a locksmith maybe they can help idk

  7. Already called, the guy didn't know what it is:D

  8. That's some McGiver shit right there.

  9. Get a dremel tool, or something and cut your way through the cable.

  10. That's pretty crappy. The only way to really get it off is to cut it I think, but that would look really bad, huh?

  11. hahahaha thats fantastic, the guy in the cubicle kitty corner of my locks down all of his monitors and his laptop... Let the experiments begin.


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