Friday, January 20, 2012



Guys, there is a serious problem with coverments of our nations. They want to crush our asylum and control the Internet, which is obviosly wrong. The government now will be able to control what we send and receive from the Internet and if there are some problems like encrypted connection, then they are able to ask Internet Providers and server's administrators to check what are we doing with data.

Some sites like Megaupload were closed, the founders were charged with serious accusations. Now even your credit cards transactions won't be safe, because anybody with some elevated privileges will be able to check what are you doing in the Internet!

What can we do?

Protest - use your brain and support!


  1. why do they have to control everything!...I hope it does get stopped

  2. time to get some quality VPN account somewhere where this nonesence is not going to have any effect

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