Friday, April 22, 2011

Back in game and contest winner!

Hello everybody!

I am sorry that I was not active for past few days, I was really busy. Work stuff kills me. Anyway. I've closed my eyes and randomly pointed out the winner who is... MICHAEL!

Ok.. I am joking ;) I've selected the winner via the choosing the random number (ofc I've cut off double-posters and myself) and the winner was chosen. Who is..

Clint Mullins

Congratulations! :) Please enter e-mail address in comments so I could send you a code. 

I already have some more Humble Bundle #3 gift codes, so stay tuned!

I am currently writing the next post, so be back soon!


  1. how did you get such a huge following so quick!!!

    I'm on board with this :)

  2. You should read about Mobys Latest Purchase if you have some free time. I am a very dedicated follower! :)

  3. I am still waiting for message from Clint.

  4. Awesome! I am so excited! My email is :)